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Very good lesson Brian, Key to a competent testing architecture is @ means to record every failure and effort., you find the bug, on and on.
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Digital Flight
Leading Today and Tomorrow
The Digital Flight Podcast is your flight plan for navigating the digital economy. It's a dynamic resource for leaders and teams aiming to soar with innovation, performance, and digital-first strategies.

Join your Navigator, Dr Brian Lambert, as he guides you through the turbulence of digital transformation, offering expert insights and real-world examples to help you chart a course towards augmented excellence.

As you prepare for takeoff, this podcast equips you with the knowledge and tools needed for organizational agility, ensuring you're always on top of evolving trends and ready to adapt to market conditions.

Buckle up. With this must-listen podcast for all digital pilots, we're heading to digital mastery.
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Brian Lambert, PhD

Dr. Brian Lambert is a vanguard for customer-centric business strategies and excels in spearheading digital transformations. His collaboration to align technology, process, and behavioral systems across various functions is pivotal to his team’s success. As a practitioner and leader, he accelerates digital transformation by aligning people, processes, and technology with customer-centric experiences, laying the groundwork for cohesive and adaptive organizations to thrive in the digital economy.

Globally recognized as a practitioner, leader, consultant, adviser, and strategist, Dr. Lambert’s expertise spans technology, sales, product management, and marketing. His adaptive career encompasses profound expertise in technology, big data, application development, marketing, sales and sales management, sales enablement, and operations.

As an International practitioner, consultant, and host of the Digital Flight podcast, Brian's influence extends through his foundational work in non-profits and academic contributions. He emphasizes the importance of digital innovation and customer focus in today's business landscape.

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